Craigslist Product Buying Scam


Craigslist is a huge directory marketing website and there are many popular categories in the USA where the public can do their own adventure advertisement and post if someone needs to sell something. There are huge scams or spam that cause people to face huge amount of money every day. This is one of the Craigslist websites for selling products. Will even ask the seller for personal information to get him various questions and provocations and said I want to take your product if you want to sell your product to me then it is very important to verify your seller through Google random code. Wants to verify location with DOM code but seller does not know that it is never possible to verify any location with code with such random code. If a person’s phone number is given in the ad, if the buyer is willing to take the product, of course, the buyer can call him directly and ask him why he is asked randomly only through SMS. In fact, the seller does not know. The next fraudster took advantage of the situation and used Google Voice to create a real American number and use it to force many Americans to believe that it was a real American number and living in the United States, but not an American citizen. You can use the American number and communicate with the American number anywhere in the world. You should understand how much care should be taken in selling the product.

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Why are we presenting this to you today because Clipping Service India We make money from vendors by serving them. We want to know where our vendors are He should not be harmed otherwise and any information in his life may be leaked out. His email ID and his various information including bank can be harmed by a hacker. Our only purpose is to sell our products to our clients. And we wish you a healthy life all the time for which we are able to help you with your warnings through this blog today.

I am very happy. I hope you will always maintain any of your security. There is a lot of happiness in talking to you or you want to know everything through SMS. Please share something with him. Maybe your data is hacked and it reaches different sizes. Billions of dollars are lost day by day. Now our block has become poor. The thing about Craigslist is that there are times when the sellers of product sellers pretending to be buyers may be so dishonest that they can trick you into entering through a post on Craigslist as well as give them a product and knock him out as a real fire when you buy. You will see that he will tell you that you advance me first.

In these cases you must be careful because it is not right to advance without seeing or understanding anything. Be sure to talk to him before you buy his product and verify his Google location in location and collect the product directly by courier by booking through any courier. Real Fire as a home will send you another as a real market and you carefully get your desired product at home Otherwise you may lose your money due to harassment. We are always thinking about how to buy a necessary item for less money if you can afford it but you can be seen in a hurry. You have not found another. Before buying a product, you must know the quality of the product from the seller. You should get an idea about the condition of the product. If you want to know whether the desired product is really in your mind or not, I hope you will buy it. It may be more or less, but it does not mean that you have seen one thing and become an online marketer for it

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