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Do You Need Clipping Path Or Photo Masking Service?


Clipping paths and photo masking are common Photoshop techniques that can be used to remove a background or isolate an object from an image.

 Both have the same objective: background removal, but the difference is in the editing process to apply different treatments based on the image’s needs. 

Every product demands editing that grabs customers’ attention. If you’re someone who uses images to engage customers, especially in e-Commerce, the question is probably: 

Do I need a clipping path solution or a photo masking solution? Cross your mind. Let’s go through the discussion below and determine exactly what you need.

What is a Clipping Paths?


A clipping path is a Photoshop technique that uses the Pen tool to remove unwanted backgrounds or objects from an image. 

Typically, the clipping path provider wraps the product or object around the clipping path, cuts it, and replaces it with a clear background or saves it as a transparent background.

The clipping path service technique should be well known when the straight line for an image path starts from the sharp edge and is best-done pixel by pixel.

Customers zoom in on images to notice every angle of the product or object, so the clipping path must be aware of this when editing. 

If the clipping paths are drawn precisely, the image will look more natural and realistic and may engage more customers.

Types of clipping path

Each image can be clipped in three different ways, each using a different process. Let’s see how different clipping processes work.

Single layer clipping path

As the name suggests, a single-layer clipping path uses the Pen tool in Photoshop to create paths on the same layer of an image. 

This is the easiest and most basic method to remove or change the background of an image.

Clipping path with multiple layers

Using the Hand tool in Photoshop, a multi-layer clipping path can be used to change the background or a specific part of the image. 

A multi-layer clipping path service typically shows how to use two or more objects in an image.

Clipping path in Illustrator

An Illustrator Clipping Path service resizes an image without affecting its larger resolution by creating a vector loop around the image’s subject to reveal the image’s resolution appropriately. 

It is also known as a non-destructive image processing method.

What Is Photoshop Masking?


Photo masking does the same thing as a clipping path: background removal. Generally, it uses a background eraser tool, magic eraser tool, and color separation technique to mask an image.

Image masking is needed when the image contains complex objects that the clipping path technique cannot accomplish. For example, 

if your image has a lot of fine lines and small details, such as fuzz on a sweater, the curves of jewelry, and a model’s hair, photo masking is necessary to smooth them out and make them look real and perfect.

In photo masking, the more complex the images, the more advanced techniques are ultimately required to find the images more interesting.

Difference between clipping paths and photo masking service


You’ve already gained insight into clipping paths and photo masking. Now you can decide for yourself which service you will go through. But here’s the thing

If you’re an e-commerce owner, you need both clipping paths and photo masking based on what’s in your image. 

If your products have smooth edges like water bottles, tables, chairs, and balls, the clipping path makes for high-quality editing and makes your products look realistic, clean, and attractive.

But, if your products include complex objects like fuzz on sweaters, photo masking techniques are needed to make them realistic and eye-catching. 

Look at the image above that the fuzz is not captured by the clipping path and the image looks unnatural.

In model photographs, you must go through a hair masking service that makes the model look more polished and beautiful. 

However, Clipping Path may not provide the ultimate solution when your model photo includes hair or other complex objects.

Why Hiring a Clipping Path or Photo Masking Provider is Important


Whether you need images for e-commerce, photography, or advertising, you must create quality images that will grab customers’ attention and drive them to purchase. 

Clipping path solutions or photo masking solutions make your dreams come true: achieving your business goals with high-quality images that create positive impressions.

But clipping path or photo masking requires impeccable skills and extensive time to fine-tune images which may not be possible on your own when you have other important things to do. 

This is why a post-production processing company comes into play. There are numerous reasons why hiring a clipping path company or a photo masking company is important.

Brand value has increased

In today’s competitive world, everything is imagined and the more interesting your image is, the more it attracts the attention of customers. 

No matter where you want to use images, almost every platform has one thing: attractive images To enhance brand value, you need to retouch and highly edit images that look natural and attractive.

Sales increased

With edited images, you can achieve more sales. Because images that catch a customer’s eye can lead to a purchase. 

Customers buy when the product feels right when they see it with their own eyes and touch it with their own hands. But, online, customers want to see product images from different angles and zoom in to get every angle of the product.

Win the competition

It is easy to say that e-commerce has been growing over the past few years. If you have highly edited images that others don’t, more buyers will likely visit your site and purchase. 

So clipping path or photo masking plays an important role in fine-tuning images even if they are complex and contain lots of unwanted objects.

The final word

If you’ve ever wondered: Do I need a clipping path or photo masking provider? The entire discussion above answers all doubts about clipping paths and photo masking. 

However, what you need to consider is what your images demand when deciding whether you need a clipping path solution or a photo masking solution.

 Once you find out what service you need, you must check the quality of the service provider so that it does not spoil your entire plan.

About CSI clipping path and photo masking

clipping path

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Image masking

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