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Easy ways of photo masking technique for beginners

Easy ways of photo masking technique for beginners


1. Open the Photoshop software from your computer.

2. Go to File from Photoshop menu bar then select Open as. Or use the alternate shift control from the keyboard

Open as

3. Open this photo in Photoshop that you want to masking


4. Your file is then placed in the Photoshop Workspace and select “Pen Tool” from the Tools panel to create “Clipping Path”.

pen tool service

5. Create Path 1 from Path Level easily from the Photoshop

pen tool service

6. Create a “clipping path” around your photo-targeted area via pen tool.


7. Create an empty layer


8. Edit the menu from the fill bar

9. Click “Fill” then select “Content: White, Blending Mode: Normal” and press OK

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