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How to Make a Ghost Mannequin in Photoshop


Invisible mannequins that give your products an attractive look and learn how to make a ghost mannequin in Photoshop will help you from time to time for your business.

When you want to show both the front and the inside of your garment product, using a garment phantom mannequin is a significant effect. This is an invisible effect where the image is removed from the dummy and the product image is placed. It ensures both internal and external parts of the product which gives better visualization to the customer.

Follow the steps below and learn how to create your ghost puppet for your images in Adobe Photoshop.

Ghost mannequin effects are easy to create if the source material, such as photographs or images, is of good quality. While clothing sellers usually have an invisible mannequin for their product photography shoots, many sellers rely on editing techniques to get a good image for their online sales.

The tutorial shown in this article will help you create a nice invisible or ghost mannequin effect without any huge hassle and with or without a good-quality image of the product.

How to Make a Ghost Mannequin in Adobe Photoshop

To demonstrate the following steps, we used a clothing t-shirt in both the front and back photographs to show you how to create a ghost mannequin effect and make the images more

realistic. Read our other guides on how to get the perfect outfit for ghost mannequin photography. This guide helps you take better photos of your outfits.

Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop and upload your Photo


Upload your photo in Photoshop by going to File > Open

Step 2: Select the Pen tool from the toolbar


From the main toolbar, select the Pen tool to create a clipping path.

Read our related guide on how to create clipping paths in Photoshop. This DIY guide helps you create a path for your product photos

Step 3: Select a path


Create a path as shown in the image below

Step 4: Create a clipping path service around your product


Draw a clipping path around your product using the Pen Tool. Leave unwanted or unnecessary parts of the image and draw a line around the subject. You can start from above the collar of the dummy.

Step 5: After creating clipping path, press 'Ctrl + Enter' for selection


When make a clipping path around the photo, use the shortcut ‘Ctrl + Enter’ to select the clipping path service.


Step 6: For smoothness, go to ‘Selection > Modify > Feather’


For smooth edges, apply a 0.3 mm feather. To do this, go to ‘Selection > Modify > Feather’ or use ‘Shift + F6’.

Step 7: Create a new layer


Create a new layer, Layer 1, as shown below, using ‘Ctrl + J

Step 8: Create a duplicate of the background layer and mask the copy layer. Select a hard color layer in the middle position.


Step 9: Select another neck photo and open it in Photoshop


Take another image with a collar ( Neck Part) and label and crop it to certain parts.

Step 10: Adjust this layer ( Neck Part) in your main layer ( Background Layer)


Step 11: Adjust this layer via warp


Step 12: The clipping path needs to be done again to cut off the extra parts


Step 13: Apply 'Selection > Modify > Feather' or 'Shift+F6' and Ctrl + I to smooth the edges and contrast.


Step 14: Apply shadow to the back by making a path


Step 15: Use 'Selection > Modify > Feather' or 'Shift+F6' for smoothing


Step 16: Make a duplicate and mask the layer and multiply the layer.


After following the steps above, you have learned how to create a ghost book effect for your products. Finally, your edited photos are ready to be displayed online

You can use this effect for marketing purposes for your products online through social media or your website. Also, the mannequin effect will help you increase your sales due to the attractive appearance of your products.

E-commerce businesses like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay use this influence to present their products to their customers. The ghost mannequin effect is extremely effective in attracting the attention of buyers when done correctly.

Having it done by a professional is another option you can keep in mind. After all, it is the quality of work that matters most.

How to Make Clothing Photography Pop

No people, no problem. Give your clothing depth to your product photos with the Ghost Mannequin effect in Photoshop. Ghost mannequins create a great effect when you want to display both the

front and the inside of a garment — as if the garment were placed on an invisible mannequin. By following the steps below and employing a little artistic skill, you can learn how to make your own ghost puppet in Photoshop CC 2022.

Finding the best photographs to work with

The better the source material, the easier it will be to create your ghost mannequin in Photoshop. While some sellers actually have invisible mannequins they can use for their

product photography, many of us must rely on regular mannequins or models and the techniques described in this tutorial. To ensure you have the best photos to work with, do the following during your photo shoot: Shoot clothing items on a symmetrical mannequin, arms pointing down.
If you are using a model instead of a mannequin, ensure

their arms are hanging down and their legs are not crossed. Also, clip away long hair or jewelry that may obscure the actual garment product.
Keep the camera and lights in the same place when shooting inside the dress. Clip your clothing item to the whiteboard or foam core, then place the board at the same position and height to ensure consistent lighting.
Keep the backdrop neutral and plain. A

plain white or light gray, the non-reflective backdrop is best. Our analysis of the top online clothing brands found that over 94% of these brands have a simple, neutral background.
Iron or steam the clothes before the shoot, and make

sure the clothes fit properly on the mannequin — without creases or gaps.
Place your camera at the same height as the product. In other words, there is no camera above the item looking down. The tutorial below will show you an invisible

mannequin technique that works great, and not so great, with photographs.

This special ghost mannequin app allows you to set your photo on any color background.

Are you looking for more tips on capturing great product photos? Here are 7 things you can do today.

How to Create a Ghost Mannequin Effect in Adobe Photoshop

A while back, we suggested that you bring your products to life with a ghost doll effect.

ghost mannequin effect gives dimension to a product and shows parts of the product that would otherwise be obscured by a mannequin or model in a single shot.

In short, it’s an easy way to give your e-Commerce store a professional touch and makes it much easier for potential customers to visualize the products in their minds.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the process of setting up your shoot, capturing the right photos, and editing your photos in Adobe Photoshop to create the ghostly mannequin effect.

By the end of this blog post, you’ll know exactly how to capture photos that make your clothes seem like they’re floating on an invisible body.

What is Ghost Mannequin Service?

A ghost mannequin is also defined as an invisible mannequin which refers to the act where designers remove the mannequin from a particular garment product like shirts, jeans, jackets, tops,

etc. piece of clothing It lets customers know how the product might feel after wearing it. This is why the importance of this service has increased more than ever when the real issue is about selling products online.

Why Need to use Photoshop Ghost Mannequin?

To create ghost mannequin effects for fashion and clothing items, Photoshop is the most comprehensive tool used by professionals. The question may arise – why Photoshop?

We will be! Let’s go through the points mentioned below to clarify.

The process starts with layering and in this case, Photoshop gives you the best solution. This allows you to apply different adjustments to specific layers. Also,

you can modify them according to your needs.
The Magic Wand tool is an essential part of Photoshop that offers a wide range of image editing solutions. It allows selecting specific areas of the image and replacing them with the appropriate background or

Unlimited manipulation is possible with this tool which is essential in the process of creating the ghost mannequin effect. Photoshop provides a pixel-level editing facility for designers.
Changing the

background to a ghost mannequin effect is a simple task in some cases. And, Photoshop offers a friendly and simple solution to do this in a few clicks that no other tool can do.
Photoshop is by far not complicated to learn for beginners and saves money

and time in the e-commerce industry. For this reason, it is the most used software in the photo editing industry with an invisible mannequin effect.
It is a popular photo editing software that has a variety of tools that every photographer

needs to do a perfect editing and retouching job. With each of its new releases, it introduces something new and interesting to professionals.

Ghost Mannequin Photography Tips

Mannequins have been widely used in the apparel industry for several years. A

skilled hand is needed to select the photographs wisely so that they create an appeal to the customers. In this scenario, we have

come up with some essential tips for ghost mannequin photography.

Choose suitable mannequins

Choosing a mannequin should be the first step in starting ghost

mannequin photography. Find a shape that suits the clothing item you will be selling. Choose the right size and color for

the mannequin so that the elements look realistic and attractive.

Choose photography equipment

Before starting the photo shoot, you must bring the right gear to get the best shots of your products. Basically, it requires a high-quality camera, lighting soft box, background, and a tripod. The whole thing together will create a perfect environment for getting a perfect ghost mannequin photography.

Do different poses

Showing different poses in clothing photography makes it more unique and

attractive. In this case, professionals prefer dynamic to static poses. People expect to see products in multiple ways

before they buy them. This is why it plays an important role in total sales.

Focus on the lighting setup

In mannequin photography, lighting is one of the most important

parts and the best method is to use natural sunlight. It brings maximum contrast and displays the clothing items more

professionally. Also, you can manually prepare the lighting setup according to your needs and budget. Ensure that necessary gear placement is perfect.

Image Editing

The process from the photoshoot to creating the ghost mannequin effect is

a time-consuming task. It has to maintain a long procedure to separate the mannequins from the images. This is

why you may need professional ghost doll services to get this job done right so you can focus on your fashion and clothing business.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin vs Mannequin Neck Joint Effect

The invisible ghost mannequin vs mannequin neck joint effect is a close

variant, clever and confusing. You are already familiar with the definition of an invisible ghost book from the previous discussion

on this topic. In general, it actually refers to the method of removing the mannequin from an image. On the other

hand, the mannequin neck joint effect is a special type of this service where the neck part of the garment product is

solved by joining back the neckline while maintaining consistency of shape, size, and color problems. As a result, it brings

appeal and a creative hollow look so that the audience can get the original feeling.

Create a ghost mannequin effect

In the fashion and apparel industry, physical mannequin effect services are an essential way to impress customers with a realistic and flawless appearance. Whether you are planning to

increase sales both online and offline, this technology should be implemented in the most convenient way. To do this, we

have provided a way to learn how to create a ghost mannequin effect in Photoshop like a pro. Apart from this, we have also

introduced some essential tips to improve your photography skills in the area to produce high-quality images.

So, is there anything I missed for you? Let us know your queries so that we can bring you some more interesting and helpful articles.

Hope this tutorial helps you understand how to create a ghost mannequin effect.

How to get a ghost mannequin effect

 Hence, the competition in the apparel industry is increasing in full swing.

This is why marketers are adopting various strategies to sustain their online existence, beat other brands, and attract more clients. As part of a strategy to promote clothing products online, the ghostly mannequin effect has attracted attention.

What is the effect of Ghost Mannequin?

It is a unique way of photographing clothing without a model and is applied to clothing photos to create a realistic look. Thus, online shoppers can visualize how the clothing pieces look or fit the body after wear.

Modeling is not a cost-effective solution for all startups when hiring a professional model costs around $10,000 per month. And that’s where Mannequin works as an alternative solution.

If you are asking why an effect is being applied when the model or mannequin is available, there is a reason.

– Mannequins divide attention.

Achieving the image of a model or mannequin takes extreme hard work and dedication. The figure doesn’t have to be inch-perfect, but certainly not below fashion industry standards. Not everyone has time to run their own store model at the same time!

If your clothes are worn by someone who does not have an ideal body shape, the chances of finding a potential buyer may be low.

But the show must go on. That’s where the invisible mannequin effect entered and gained huge popularity in the apparel industry, especially among branded online stores, such as ‘Fendi’.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Preparation for photography begins with stage setup. Without proper arrangement of clothing photo shoot set, you will not have good pictures. It will end up not having a good effect.

Then again, if you already own a photography studio setup, that’s fine! But if you don’t, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Let’s begin.

1. Location
In ecommerce, product photography requires a single color background—that’s why professional product photographers usually shoot indoors.

If you can’t afford a rental, choose a room. Basement or backyard, something needs to be done. Just being wide enough to accommodate your equipment.

If you don’t have the option of shooting outdoors, make sure the area is soft, even light and windless.

2. Background
The next important part is the background. Anything can play the role of background as long as it’s not cluttered. For example, you can arrange the setup in front of white/off-white or any color wall and get background removal service later; That will do.

Another solution is to use a backdrop. It is a large piece of cloth or paper or board that acts as a screen behind the subject of photography. It is available in different colors, designs and materials as per the choice of the users.

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