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How to take jewelry product photography


If you think jewelry photography is the easiest and most feasible job then you must read our follow-up guide. I know you will be silent because you have never realized this fact. Achieving a breathtakingly beautiful photograph requires tremendous hard work.

A persuasive photograph increases the customer’s thirst to buy it. A good photograph also increases product sales. Just give an impressive shot of your product, many people will start buzzing about your product and appreciate buying it.

As mentioned, professional jewelry photography is quite difficult as well as a challenge. I.E. Capturing a Perfect Photo Is Basic to Finding Product Photography Clients In this article, I share a complete guide to taking a great photo of your jewelry product, whether you use your phone or a professional DSLR camera.

Special importance of jewelry product photography


We have already learned that product photography plays an important role in selling products. But how much of the effect is being made? We all love to see numbers. 

Let me give a brief about all this alone. Think about yourself. Where do you look first when you visit an e-commerce site? Of course, it’s in the picture. 

And if you like the product image, you go through other details. A recent survey by Weebly shows that 75% of people decide to buy a product just by looking at the product image. It’s sure, you said “wow” about the statistical results.

Do you want to make your customers unhappy? Even, who wants to lose his customers? The same statistics show, that 22% of customers felt that “the product is not as it looks in the photograph” and they return the product. This way, you will lose face and people will start refusing to visit your website. 

Make sure the product features are particularly highlighted in the photograph so that it looks good.

Have you ever looked at the background of a product image? It is white and 80% of the product image background is white. This is one of the main jewelry photography concepts. 

You should have a room where light colors help to present your jewelry in a grand and grand atmosphere. A white background gives a creative look and special features are perfectly highlighted. White is an indispensable color for selling products in e-Commerce.

A description is given with an image that will reveal what it is Sure, the second one. Content containing the image went viral over 50 times on social media. People are more emotional and respond faster to visual content. Even, if a customer likes a product image, he never sees all the information when making a purchase decision.

As we have already understood how a good image boosts your e-Commerce business. In short, you should take a photo to get your customers to buy a product.

Jewelry is the most common type of photography

Now, I will let you understand the type of image required for any eCommerce business. There are six types of product images to display your website as cool and enticing to your customer.

Product picture:

The main photograph of your jewelry. It can be just one picture or a group of pictures. Make sure to keep the background, white. Product images are the foundation of your e-commerce website and are perfect for any e-commerce website.

Lifestyle Pictures:

These prototypes show how a customer might do your product. The goal of this image is to tell your customers why your product is special and create an “ah-ha” moment with your customers. This image type is suitable for wearable products like clothing, jewelry, and even cosmetics, perfumes, etc.

Model Photo:

This photo style showcases your product in an energetic way. It’s bigger than your product and lifestyle photos. Products become directly suitable for sales and other marketing events.

360 degree photos:

A new technique in professional jewelry photography. In such images, you need to take pictures of the product from every side and during visualization, you need to move your mouse to see the product from different angles. A 360-degree photograph is perfect for home appliances such as furniture and clothing with a unique design.

Create GIF or Video:

GIFs or videos are great ways to showcase virtually any product. If your product attracts customers for a valid reason, you can’t show it immediately. A customer gets a quick explanation of a product via a GIF or a video. This is good for tools, a product that provides specific features.

Now, decide for yourself, what kind of product photos you want to use for your eCommerce site.

Essential Jewelry Photography Tools


Jewelry product photography is the most diverse type of photography process. To achieve this photo shooting goal, a jewelry photography kit plays an important role. These kits will help to complete the work of photography finely. I prepared a list of important kits to give you an answer on how to photograph jewelry at home.

Camera and lens

There are no rules about camera features. You can go with an entry-level DSLR or pro level or your phone camera. Even good jewelry photography props can’t help you if your product images are dull. So, it doesn’t matter which camera you use, the image should be crystal clear. 

Macro or non-macro, this confusion, right? Choose a macro lens because a macro lens works best to capture a large image of a small product. Each lens shows the macro focus range and minimum focus distance engraved on its body. Start with an 85-100mm lens. This means the lens zooms between 85mm and 100mm.

Tripods and Lighting

Jewelry is a stationary item and this is why you need to focus on a specific point. At this point, a tripod is required. You can take a snap from different angles and don’t need major changes in camera settings and position.

Light setting is significantly important for jewelry product photography. You can use daylight or opt for lightbulbs or traditional bulbs. But on a cloudy day, you need color balance. If you want to take a snapshot in daylight, a nice sunny day is necessary. It would be best if you choose a room without windows to avoid any unusual effects on the jewelry.

Light box

Do you want a portable lighting studio? A lightbox is helpful in providing quick fixation of your camera’s light and helps you control it according to your needs.

Apart from the above main products, other jewelry photography props are a white reflector, dust blower, cotton gloves for hands to avoid any finger marks on the jewelry, clips, white acrylic tiles, cold temperature glue gun, earring holder, and bracelet. Holders, necklace forms, etc

Apart from the website, there are many types of equipment available in the market. Choose the one required for your photography. Also, don’t forget to retouch your snaps to give your jewelry a perfect shiny look.

Tips to avoid the mistakes of general jewelry photography

We all learn from our mistakes. There is a saying “Failure is the key to success”. If you haven’t made a mistake, you can now fully learn. It may take time to learn, but you will learn what to do, and how to do it. And gradually you will learn to do jewelry photography at home

Random preparation

Jewelry needs to be shiny, clear, clean, and polished. Since a DSLR camera captures every detail clearly and you have a proper lighting setup to photograph the jewelry, whenever you touch your jewelry, wear cotton gloves and touch it. This will shorten your shooting time and reduce reshoots.

Asymmetrical photo shooting:

An inconsistent product image will lead your customer to a depressing situation. If you don’t follow a guideline, your customer won’t be interested in buying your jewelry. Don’t change pictures too often. This leads you to poor professionalism.

Prepare a guideline for cropping and sizing your photos and follow it for each photograph so that your customers can buy the product at any price.

Strange background:

Don’t try to stand out, make yourself unique from others and ditch the white background. There are some retailers who want to do this, but this is one of the biggest mistakes. The white background gives your photos a timeless finish.

So, it is important to give the background a clean and clear look and learn how to photograph jewelry on a white background. A black or light gray background is also preferred, but some marketplaces do not allow this except for white.

Real Reflections:

Sometimes props, mannequins, or models confuse your customers because your customers look confused because of these items. These products lend the clean and efficient look you should be going for in your product photos. It is better to keep jewelry flat with a white background. Keep everything simple and clean.

Imagine, you choose a piece of jewelry online but unfortunately, the cameraman’s reflection is visible in the product, would you buy it? You’ll make “keep” sounds like your customer. To avoid a reflected image, place your jewelry on a table or a block. You can use umbrellas to diffuse the light.

Also, hang a roll of strong white paper behind the product. And tie the paper under your camera lens. This way the reflection will not come from the nozzle.

White balance:

Unbalanced white will give your photo a different look even if you have some background and the same product. The color of your product will automatically change in different lighting conditions. 

By setting your camera to auto white balance mode, you can freely get the white balance image”. This way your camera will recognize the light source and capture colors as close to how they look in physical conditions as possible.

Unnecessary focus

Don’t take a photo that doesn’t give a clear view of your entire product. Set your camera to a high aperture and the focus point should be perfect. A customer needs every detail of a product. Soft focus is not allowed in jewelry photography camera settings.

Shaky Photographs: Just imagine, white balance, background perfect, no reflections, everything perfect but pressing the button, your camera shake ruins the picture. To avoid such unpleasant situations, use a tripod. Tripods are less expensive, capable products to give you quality and evenness.

Reverse light:

Avoid harsh lighting when photographing jewelry. The reason behind harsh light reflections, adding unusual shadows, creating product imperfections, and other annoyances. Photographing your jewelry in soft lighting is recommended.

Also, a recommendation is, to learn photography in manual mode, enabling you to know how much or how little light your camera captures to give you a bright image.

Few pictures:

Customers look for a number of images of your products on the category page. It’s pretty annoying if you only get a few pictures. 

Take more photos from different angles, give your customer more details, and never stop taking more photos. A good image not only increases sales but also creates customer attraction and builds brand value.

Photo editing and retouching

A poorly retouched photo kills customer trust levels. A customer will feel that you are cheating him. If you can’t do it alone, hire a Photoshop professional who can do the job for you. Hence, online jewelry photo editing and retouching services are affordable.

Final Verdict on Jewelry Product Photography:

By now I hope, you already know how to capture jewelry product photos. Avoid the above mistakes! Capture sleek and beautiful jewelry product photography. By following the above tips and tricks you can reduce the time.

Don’t forget, “practice makes a man perfect”. If you are a beginner, practice more and more to eliminate your imperfections. Be patient, practice, and achieve your goals.

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