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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Products on Goat

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Few compare to the thrill of discovering and bringing home an elusive pair of sneakers. But, unfortunately, these types of sneakers are challenging to come by.

Also, it is unlikely that you will be able to easily find them in your local store as they are likely sold out or a local retailer will be unable to supply them. So how can sneakerheads go about finding their next pair of kicks?

The GOAT app is here to help you find your favorite pair of sneakers!

What is the GOAT app?

What is the GOAT app?

It’s no surprise that people hearing about GOAT for the first time might ask if the GOAT app is legit.

After the failure of an earlier business venture by Eddie Lu and Daishin Sugano, GOAT

began as a second chance. Since Sugano was a sneakerhead himself, the co-founders decided to start a sneaker company.

The GOAT app has been hailed as one of the best premium sneaker sellers in the world due to positive user reviews and consistent engagement on the GOAT app.

Businesses develop websites that cater to specific consumers and generate revenue by showcasing their products for potential buyers to test. Whenever a product is sold a website-owning

company earns a commission specifically for arranging the process.

The GOAT app serves as an online marketplace where high-end sneaker dealers can advertise their items for a fee. Additionally, everything is very

convenient as the website acts as an intermediary to ensure everyone’s safety.

The GOAT website is an online platform, and the website caters to customers who are ready to spend on limited edition or expensive sneakers.

GOAT App Features


The GOAT app has a lot of functions and is relatively easy to use. For

example, you’ll see categories with photographs first on the Discover page, and if you like what you see, you can click on categories to see more photos.

If you want to go through more options, there is a Shop All button next to each

category. All shades of brown color become especially available for purchase.

You’ll get dynamic images of products

like watching sneakers displayed on a spinning counter.

You get what you want

When you see a brand you like in the GOAT app, tap it to learn more about it. The display will contain images of sneakers, with a like button in the upper right corner of each image.

Sneaker prices can be found below the shoe image and model. You can narrow your search results with the filter section.

After selecting your choice button, it will take you to a page displaying many available sizes. Also, next to each shape is a slider button that you can use.

After determining the size you want, click the Save button to return to the previous page if you want to make a second purchase for other sneakers.

Select specifications

Once you’ve chosen your shoe size and returned to the previous page,

you’ll notice that the Want button on the sneaker box is blacked out.

By clicking on the image of the sneaker, you will be

directed to a new page where you will see the image of the sneaker along with the product specifications and details. Keep

scrolling until you come to the three buttons that are Sell, Own, and Share.


The Try On function, which is now available in the Goat app, is a potential new addition. You will be able to look closely at the chosen sneaker and appreciate the fine details, but you can try to execute.

When it comes to developing items for them, you want to see it before parting with your hard-earned money.

How to sell on the GOAT app?

How to sell on the GOAT app

When you first launch the app and land on the homepage, you’ll

see a number of icons to the left of the home button. You can start the sale process by clicking the sell button.

The Goat app will prompt you to submit a request to sell your item. Then, there will be a form that you need to complete.

This form requires you to answer some personal information, such as your legal name, phone number, and date of birth, among other things.

After completing the Personal Information area, click the Continue button to proceed.

Your return address is another piece of information that Goat App will collect from you. There is also a section titled Selling 101 that you should read.

Once you have completed all the required information, select the “Submit” button. If your request is approved,

GOAT will send you a notification and you will be able to feature your sneakers on the website

How to list products for sale on the GOAT app?
You can list your products after your account is approved for sale. Tap on the Sell option to start

selling in the GOAT app. Start by finding the SKU on the box or inside the item, then enter the product’s quality, condition and price, and take relevant photos.

How to send and sell items on Goat app?

After sending your request as a seller in the app, you can sit back and wait for the purchase to be approved. If someone decides to buy what you offer on the GOAT app, the app will contact you as soon as possible.

Before sending your sneakers to customers, GOAT will verify the authenticity of our sneakers Therefore, you must ship the product to GOAT’s shipping address.

How to receive payment?

After verifying your item and completing all necessary processes, GOAT will transfer the funds to your GOAT account after deducting their fee from the item sold.

You have the option to use this money to make purchases on the GOAT app or withdraw cash.

What method does GOAT use to verify items?

GOAT partners with high-end boutiques and shops and its resellers, all of whom have proven quality and are incredibly reputable.

GOAT follows all these procedures to sell only authentic products and to be the most trusted and reliable platform for its products worldwide.

This level of trust can only be achieved through careful authentication of the legitimacy of the products sold on the app.

Combining a personal assessment of the product with what the company refers to as “machine learning technology” validates the products offered for purchase.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using GOAT App

Both the sales and payment processes are quick and easy. Everything is operable through your phone, so all you have to do is send the sneaker.

Once you are sure you can sell new or used sneakers with or without a box. They also started a service that cleans your sneakers for you.

Since your verification is required to use the Service, selling your shoes may not be the most convenient or fastest option. However, as per company rules, it verifies sellers in small batches.

Bonus tip to sell your e-commerce products fast

E-commerce product sales are highly influenced by the quality of

photographs you upload to the website. Buyers are unable to ignore visually appealing product images displayed on e-commerce websites.

People who do not want to buy anything but just browse the site for entertainment may be interested in buying after seeing the photographs if the images are of sufficient quality.

Product image editing is, as a result, critical to the success of your e-commerce business. To increase product sales in e-commerce, it is necessary to take a decent picture of

the product, edit it flawlessly, and then display it beautifully on the website. As a result, your sales can be very good.

Photo editing such as your product photo retouching, background removal, clipping path services, and creating shadows are well recommended for editing your snake photographs and the items you want to sell.

Experts advise you to get a professional editing service if you don’t have a good idea about photo editing. Photo editing services offered by online-based companies are affordable and time-saving.

We offer affordable product photo editing services for e-commerce stores and owners. We are highly committed to providing image quality and maintaining various e-commerce image guidelines. As a result, sellers can save their time, labor, and money as well as increase annual sales. Get your first 5 image edits for free.

Reputation on the GOAT

For the lowest fees and best listing options, you maintain a

reputation of 100 or more sellers. You will be fined every time your shoes don’t arrive as described or your kicks take longer

than 2 business days to ship. The commission is set at 9.5%, but can quickly go up to 15% and even 20% if you flake often, so

be aware of this before using the app. Look to the right to see how quickly just a few failed sales can drop you to 15% and 20% commission rates.

Creating a GOAT list

When you first go to the app, you will find a tab that has a price tag and after

you click it you will see a big button that says “Sell Your Sneakers You just have to see it. The SKU or model number for the

kicks you want to sell, which you’ll find on the shoe tag if it’s Nike or on the box if it’s adidas.

They will ask you a few questions about the condition of the shoes and a word of caution is to be 100% honest because if you send a pair of shoes and they don’t show up

in a condition that isn’t described (eg if you’ve worn them lightly or the box is damaged) you will be penalized. And may lose some money.

The final word

Sneakerheads flock to GOAT’s website, which serves as an online marketplace for which GOAT makes money from purchases. In addition, however, it carries certain functions contributing to the cause.

GOAT is available to all merchants, boutiques and retailers who want to sell their sneakers They post their items on GOAT for potential buyers to peruse.

Buying and selling sneakers was challenging in the past, but that is no longer true. There are also several other sneaker retail apps available, but the GOAT app surpasses most of its competitors in every way.

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