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What is clipping path


The importance of image post-processing services and the

demand for e-commerce product photography are increasing day by day. This has a significant

impact on the online shopping of attractive online shoppers. However, the operating performance of

Photoshop largely depends on different strategies. It takes a lot of hard work to master these.

One of them is clipping path or deep carving.

In this article, we will show you how to separate backgrounds in

Photoshop and show how it works in Photoshop.

Clipping paths require an experienced, accurate hand. A

poorly drawn clipping path can result in images that do not look real or natural, and consumers easily notice

even the smallest mistakes. Sloppy pictures don’t make a great impression and this is usually reflected in sales.

You want to separate the photos of your product in a better way, so you must consider working

with a professional for this type of editing. To give you an idea of the level of detail involved, we

sometimes zoom the images up to 200% so that we can get as close to the edge as possible.

What is Clipping Paths?

A clipping path is a modern image editing technique or an intimate

vector path that lets you cut a 2D object from its background. After applying the method, everything out of

the way is removed. Eventually the cut part will separate

In e-commerce image editing for

product photography, the basic use of clipping paths is to remove backgrounds from product

images. The path is drawn around the product so that it can be placed in another background or saved as a

transparent image. Clipping a picture of a product is also called “etching,” “cutout” or “silo” (short for “silhouette”).

What causes the clipping path

As an important part of Photoshop for image editing

work, clipping paths are applied to various image editing tasks. Some of the areas where it is most commonly

used are-

Remove background from a picture
Cut an object from a background

Change any part of the image
Changing the background color of a photo

unwanted objects from a picture
Highlight a product in a web shop gallery
Adding a specific

object to a distinct background

Types of clipping paths

Clipping paths don’t seem very complicated, but there are several different types of clipping paths:

Single-layer clipping path

A single-level clipping path is a common way to create a single layer using Photoshop’s Pen tool. This is effective when you want to remove or change the background.

Multiple layer clipping path

Multilayer clipping paths are created using the Pen tool to

extract multiple parts of an image. This is an advanced type of clipping path that is used to separate each

part of an image and is especially useful for retouches, especially if you have to paint the right part of the image.

Illustrator clipping path

Adobe Photoshop is not the only software you can use to

create clipping masks. Adobe Illustrator also has its own path and mask tool. Referred to as “Clipping Mask”

in Illustrator, this tool lets you cut parts of an image to a specific size.

What is image masking service?

Image masking is another method of removing the

image background. This technique involves various tools in Photoshop, such as the

background eraser tool, the magic eraser tool, and the color separation technique. Masking is a

non-destructive way to adjust one part of your image and not touch the rest. For photo editors, this

means more control over where and how the image is adjusted. It is usually used for images that

contain intricate lines such as hair, fur, etc.

Why would you outsource clipping path service?

Creating a clipping path to perform image cutouts is a time-

consuming task to zoom and click the photo pack. This is a repetitive and tedious task that can hamper e-

commerce photo editing and retouching – but it is necessary. Fortunately, since product images are

digital, clipping is suitable for outsourcing.

For the convenience of outsourcing can that is another

name, a great way to get Hassle – free professional image editing work. The reason is that the

benefits they get are worth their time, money, and work. Let’s take a look at those benefits

Improving productivity

Every company wants to improve its productivity. However reading

this requires both focus and time effort to outsourcing as much as possible to increase your productivity and

provide your business with more advanced and unique solutions.

Cost-cutting solution

Outsourcing such a sophisticated service is always considered as a low cost solution,

much lower than the production cost.

Risk reduction

There is no risk, no profit. Yet, no one wants to take a risk, something

that has no potential. The best image editing service providers are highly experienced and well equipped

enough to provide you with the desired quality of service.

Expert services

The real deal is here. Although many service providers in the image editing industry claim to provide the best service, we

highly recommend that you test their experience to ensure efficiency. A service provider with many years of experience will definitely give you the best output.

Why is a clipping path important for e-commerce image editing?

In the 21st century, shopping is completely

online-based and more competitive. So, you need to display pictures of your products online in a more

interesting and eye-catching way. A clipping path is a more convenient way to extract an object from its

background. Moreover, it is highly effective for making the perfect selection of any complex image of your e-

commerce product by drawing the pen tool on the edge of the image. So, if you want a transparent

image for your e-commerce store, you need a clipping path. Naturally, paths allow you to delete unnecessary

parts of your image and make them more realistic and eye-catching for your consumers.

Every e-commerce business owner knows that and that’s why they look for professional photo editing

companies who can do these things perfectly.. So, how important is a clipping path to make them this

enthusiastic? Here we will try to find out how

Attractive pictures help increase sales

Products with good pictures online attract more visitors.

This leads to increased product sales. A slight touch-up of the clipping path can dramatically

bring out an eye-catching look. It persuades potential customers to pay attention to the product and

helps increase sales.

Stay ahead in the game

Online is a vast platform, and the competition there is fierce. So it would be best if you are ready to not lose track, stand apart and explain to the clients. So, the first weapon would be the awesome picture.

Show advanced pictures for advanced products

As consumers, we do not risk buying products that are not

visually appealing. So, why would others? Everyone says there are quality pictures of quality

products. But, in product photography, raw photos do not always show the appearance of natural

products. That’s where a clipping path can make a difference by making the product clear.

Good pictures set the brand value

To be a brand, you need to be consistent with a good feature,

which will help you gain recognition. Uploading good images to your website can help you stay

consistent. Since a clipping path improves and maintains the image of your e-commerce product, brands

can satisfy potential visitors with photos of profitable products.

I hope this article describes

the clipping path and its importance in the e-commerce sector very well. If you still have any questions,

please leave a comment below.
Thanks for reading patiently.

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